Change is Afoot

Last I wrote on here. I was going to run 100 miles in August. Well I am here to report I did not run 100 miles in August. I am ok with that.

Instead I started on my Early Childhood Education Associates Degree and I am in love with my classes. I love it so much.

With that news comes different news. I am pregnant. Originally I was waiting to pursue a teaching credential but then I pivoted unto Early Childhood Education and that makes a second child a possibility. I am over the moon. His/Her due date is May 22nd and I am very excited to meet them (:

So anyways, lots of change this last month but good change. Universe level change. I will listen and I will flow with what the universe has in store for me.

With that comes different change. I tried running Wednesday. 3 miles at a pretty slow pace. Thinking that people run pregnant, 3 miles isn’t that far. My body did not agree. I had cramping all day Wednesday. So I am benched for now. I see a lot of walking in my future.

Anyways..til next time!

The Week in Review 8/1-8/7/2020

This week I went after it. I threw myself wholly into some new goals and I was way more active as a result. I ran more way more. I ran 18 miles this week. But there was a cost and I re-evaluated my goals yesterday.

I ran more but I lost some key pieces.

– I lost patience with my daughter.

– I lost focus on work because I already did so much before 8am.

– I lost the drive to get my dog to the dog park this weekend.

Yesterday I went on a run at 6:30 AM even though I had gone on a run everyday and I left my dog at home because I needed to get in 5+ miles. On that run I could not run that much because I was exhausted but also I missed my dog and I realized how much I had missed out on my life this week for this big goal that didn’t matter. During that run I changed my goal, maybe instead of running 100 miles I will just go 100 miles on foot (walking and running).

Then, yesterday afternoon I started on my homework. I am working toward a teaching credential program and I have a 4 week class right now. Yes, you read that right. The class is only 4 weeks long. Yesterday I realized how intense this class is going to be so my goals this month are changing. I want to do well in this class and I want to learn a lot from it which likely will mean using this free time I was using for the physical goals to succeed at this class.

So my goals will pivot to fit my life and I will prioritize a few key things like trips to the dog park and active time with my daughter. All that said, I learned a lot this week. I am strong and I can do so much more than I give myself credit for.

Till later! Wish me luck. This 4 week class us intense.

Goals Feel Great

So yesterday I set that goal to run 100 miles this month and this morning I woke up without issue at 5AM, lazed around until 6AM and crushed 4 miles. They were not fast miles but they are done!

It feels really good to have a reason to be getting out and moving. I feel like I am back in business! Lately when I groggily wake up at 6AM I have been missing motivation because there is no point. Goals help. I think I can do it!

New Goal! I know…I just set goals

During my run this morning I had a stupid idea. “I want to run 100 miles this month” the little voice in the back of my mind said.

I call this a stupid idea because immediately my brain swooped in and stomped on the idea but here I am 3 hours later still thinking about it and why not? It is the 4th and I got 3 miles in this morning. 100 miles is averaging 3.5 miles a day so as long as I get some 5 and 6 mile days in I can still have rest days.

So anyways, I am going to do it. I am going to run 100 miles this month. That should get me out the door! Let’s do this!

Oh yea and the meal planning is still happening and I am still coming for that book and the calisthenics and yoga might be integral to this crazy goal. So all that other stuff stands I am just adding a little “impossible” onto the top of it. I love a crazy idea!

I am sure it will be fine…right?

August Goals

I know it is the 2nd but that is ok. It is still early enough to set some goals!

After completing a very interesting project for a health class I took this summer I am going to start tracking and assessing my goals monthly.

Goals: I feel I may have chosen too many goals but I have tried to keep most of the totals very low except for the dog walking which is my primary focus. My focuses this month are going to be to:

1. Take my dog for a walk 5 days a week.

2. Run 2 days a week

3. Calisthenics 1 day a week

4. Yoga 1 day a week

5. Meal plan and cook 6 days a week

6. Read 1 book all the way through

7. Clean the house once a week

Current Status/Motivating Factors:

1. Right now I have walked my dog two days in a row but up until now she has not gotten out as much as she should at all. I need to improve on that and so that us my main focus this month.

2. My running has been struggling and 2 times a week is a tiny stretch from the once a week average right now.

3. I was trying calisthenics this last month but I tried to start too fast and ended up letting it slide. I think once a week is a much more reasonable start.

4. I was doing yoga once a week up until a couple weeks ago so I think this is a fine goal.

5. I have been meal planning with an app called Mealime that makes it really achievable I do not think this will be a stretch.

6. The book goal is going to be hard. I have really let reading fall to the wayside the past 5 years.

7. Cleaning is hard but doable and it needs to happen.

I think there are quite a few goals but they are all doable and they hit m as my of the points I want to improve in my life.

I will do my best (:

I Want To Live

We went camping this last weekend. I am tired today but it is s good kind of tired. This camping trip has me very introspective. It highlighted a problem. In general I am spending my life sitting and eating and my habits are making me a person I do not want to be.

I hate my clothes getting smaller and carrying my daughter uphill to the campsite from the lake being so hard. I hate camping feeling hard. This is not the way I want to live.

I want to run and hike and swim and live. I want to live. I don’t want to be afraid of the bi-yearly mulching that the beautiful yard I have planned will need. For every piece of my life I want to do better than I am right now.

I want to busy less and fun more. Damnit, I am in charge and I can do whatever I want. So why not live a life that 9 year old me begging my mom to go play outside would be proud of?

I can do this and I will do this. I want to live.

Thanks for listening,

Today Is The Day

Dare Greatly

I am reading this book right now by Brene Brown. I have a lot to learn about daring and trying and not being perfect.

I am ready to jump out of the cushions of safety and everything is working out.

I was also head hunted this morning so that’s cool. I am so interested in what the next year will hold. I am open and the universe is responding in kind.

Does that mean I should buy the personal laptop I really want? I want a school machine. We will see I am going to think on it today. That little voice keeps saying “it’s ok to ask for things you want too”

Talk at you later!

Hello World

I guess that is the way this begins! That is how learning web design began so this may as well start there too! I am not learning web design though. I am embarking on a journey to becoming a teacher.

In this case it started with a deck. I don’t know why but the universe said to build a deck (or porch I guess) and I did and it is all falling together. My pre-reqs will be done by the end of August and are all lined up. It’s all falling together now!

Talk at ya later!